Erica Lynn Yoga

treating you well.

What can I expect?

You will work hard...maybe even sweat a little. But when you are done, you will experience an unparalleled moment of rest. 

Erica focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility and capturing that inner calm. Primarily leading vinyasa, her style is a delicious cocktail of Power Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Pilates. Erica's practices are laced with humor and music while she attentively instills the importance of proper alignment and injury prevention in her students. Using breath as a guide, Erica hopes that through creative sequencing, each student will discover moments of joy, laughter and peace. Her approach has been described as deceptively soothing as she guides her students through playful, yet challenging flows.

Remember that every journey begins at the beginning. Erica will meet you where you your beginning.

Small Group Yoga at The Bija Institute

A group practice is a wonderful setting for your daily dose of restoration and peace to balance the more hectic moments in your life. Each practice offers an opportunity to experience something new to support your overall health and wellbeing whether physical, mental or spiritual. Visit to try out a class.

Private Yoga

A private practice is a remarkable opportunity to focus on one or two key aspect(s) of your practice. We will approach your goal at a pace that suits you. Whether we arrange for one session or a series of sessions, you will leave with tools to use and a new perspective through which to view your yoga practice. For rates and other details, click here.


"There's something about her voice. It exudes trust. Even though she's putting me in some crazy posture. I trust her. I know she won't let me fall." - Pat

"I skip my Zumba class to take Erica's yoga class." 
- Eileen

"She is so instructional; thoughtful and respectful of where I am working."

- Peter

"My husband and I are along in our years. But Erica refers to our practice as a 'journey toward wellness'. I love it because it makes me feel like we aren't too late to start yoga." - Joyce

"Erica helped me discover new ways to release the tension from my lower back. I love that these stretches are easy to remember and that I can do them at home." - Ed

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